Gregg and Valry

Greg and Valri Williams, Owners

Greg and Valri Williams purchased Carol's Colors September 1, 2011 from Carol Corbridge and Jayna Harrison. Greg was born in Ashland Oregon; his family originally moved to Ashland from Tillamook Oregon in 1905 and started the Ashland Greenhouses. Greg and Valri ran the greenhouses until 2008. When they sold the Ashland Greenhouses they were growing almost three million plants a year, and Carol's Colors was their largest landscape customer at the time.

With Greg's years of experience in horticulture and Valri's skills as a CPA, they feel that it will be a good fit to continue the premier landscaping company of Southern Oregon.


Penny Fullmer, General Manager

As general manager of Carol's Colors, Penny does the estimating and bids. Penny interacts directly with the staff at job sites to ensure the client's goals are met as well as overseeing the scheduling of the crews. Penny has been a key co-worker at Carol's since 1997.


Ben Graffis, Irrigation Supervisor

Ben has an aptitude for all types of landscape and irrigation work and has been asked to be on the team of every department at Carol's Colors. A fully licensed Irrigation Tech, Ben has a fantastic work ethic and expertly designs, bids and oversees the installation of our irrigation systems.


Johnny Cordero, Maintenance Supervisor

Johnny bids and supervises our maintenance and clean up jobs. His skill at maintenance as well as his ability to communicate clearly with his team and our customers has helped Carols's Colors maintain our high standards.

Our Team

The Team

Carol's Colors would not be possible without our incredible employees and the effort they give. Rain or shine they work hard and believe in the underlying company desire to be the best. Our employees take pride in their work and are encouraged to honor themselves and their labor.

We offer a nurturing environment for people to come to everyday. We care about our co-workers and strive to provide the best work environment possible. We want the people we depend on everyday to know that they can depend on us.